Five tips to help your restaurant survive the coronavirus

Five tips to help your restaurant survive the coronavirus

While it’s foolhardy to predict how coronavirus will spread right now, you can begin to think about the steps you can take to keep your sales healthy. 

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Top five ways to keep your restaurant sales healthy.

  1. Off-premise needs to be turned on. Curbside pickup can help you serve your loyal customer base while also allowing you to keep control over the takeout experience. Delivery is another good off-premise option but comes at a higher cost to you and the customer. 

  2. Stay active on social media.

    Keep your restaurant top of mind by sharing creative content on your social media feeds. Food photos, staff highlights, stories about your heritage, and offers can keep your fan base engaged. SWIPEBY provides curated assets to promote the benefits of your curbside service to their partners. 

  3. Small touches matter

    Your off premise solutions offer the benefit of less touchpoints but when a customer does order from you try to include something extra. A small thank you note (write it on the bag), extra hand wipes or an extra side item. This will show you value their business

  4. Double bag it

    Recent research from QSR shows that customers would like their food individually wrapped. That may not be an option but you will want to add tactics that will show the customer you are taking special care to keep the food safe. No exposed plastic utensils, double bagging the takeout food and having the waiter wear gloves when they bring the food out to the car. 

  5. Keep it clean

    There are a ton of tips on how to keep your restaurant clean but don’t forget about the outside. The parking lot and your sidewalks should be litter free and looking sharp. If your customers can drive away and say, “that place made me feel safe,” you can bet they’ll spread the word, and come back again when they decide to venture out.

To learn more about how SWIPEBY can help you offer curbside pickup contact us at: hello@swipe.by

About SWIPEBY: SWIPEBY is a software-as-service platform that allows restaurants to offer curbside pickup. Great for on-the-go customers with time constraints; parents with young kids in the car; disabled or limited-mobility customers; or those who require social distancing.  For more information, visit http://www.swipe.by.

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