Leveraging Customer Data To Optimize Your Business

It’s no secret that online ordering solutions were revolutionizing the restaurant industry pre COVID-19, with record high delivery and takeout numbers. Now, in the midst of COVID, it is absolutely essential to offer some sort of digital ordering capability to your customers, whether that be through delivery, pickup, or curbside. Not only does the convenience of digital ordering increase sales and frequency of orders, but it gives you important insights into the ordering habits and preferences of your customers, which is perhaps the biggest asset to your business of all. Why, you might ask? Well, let’s get into it.

How Customer Data Will Transform Your Business

  • More refined understanding of customer trends: what do your customers usually order? What kinds of dishes do your customers tend to prefer? What time of day is busiest in terms of orders placed? Having access to all of this information will allow you to make more accurate predictions about what sales may look like for your business. Accuracy in predictions can lead to decreased labor and wasted food costs, and the power to optimize your menu offerings.
  • Personalized Marketing: Communicate with your customers in a way that is relevant to them to make powerful and sales-enabling recommendations based on previous ordering information and analytics. 
  • Your customers are people first: Having a better idea of who your customers are gives you the tools you need to provide a more meaningful experience for them, leading to more loyal, repeat customers.

If there was ever a time to invest in your digital strategy, now is the time to do so. The difference between the restaurants who are struggling to keep their doors open and the ones who are making it is a strong digital presence and access to customer data. And the good news is, SWIPEBY’s new online ordering platform has the technology to provide both of these things to you through our fully developed web ordering platform that can be integrated into your own website for ease of ordering. We then turn raw ordering data into actionable and easy to comprehend insights, including:

  • Total sales
  • Most and least ordered items
  • Top customers
  • Number of new customers
  • Highest order volume days
  • Aggregated “comments” on items, which can help you identify what customizations/requests are being made the most often to adjust your menu and add upcharges
  • And more!

Additionally, these stats can be made available for whatever time period is most convenient for you — month over month, day over day, year over year, etc. 

So, if you are interested in gaining access to all of this information and more, consider partnering with SWIPEBY to implement our web ordering system into your operation. See the example dashboard below from one of our existing restaurant partners for a better idea of how SWIPEBY can help you better understand your customers. Still not convinced? Let’s talk about it. Click swipe.by/contact-sales – to connect with one of our team members, who would be more than happy to address any remaining questions or concerns.

~ Kathryn Bower

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