Are You Giving Away Your Most Valuable Asset: Customer Data?

Many operators understand the pros and cons regarding price when they choose to contract with a 3rd party delivery company such as Uber Eats or Postmates. They have accepted that their customers expect the convenience that comes with online ordering and having pretty much anything delivered to their doors. They have grimaced through paying or passing along high commissions as a necessary evil.

But do they truly grasp that they are giving away a valuable asset to the 3rd party delivery company?

When a customer orders from your business via a 3rd party delivery service, it’s the service that collects and owns your customer’s data. The service uses the data to develop a relationship with your customer in order to drive loyalty — not to your store, but instead to their service. In fact, your customer is often sent promotions for your competitors.

As an operator, what might you be missing out on by using a 3rd party delivery service?

  • Online brand equity. When a customer orders from your store via a 3rd party delivery service, they don’t see your store’s name, they see and remember Uber Eats or Postmates. Brand equity encompasses awareness, perceived quality, and loyalty among others.
  • Customer relationship building. You don’t know who your customers are, what they typically order, or even how often. You could have a number of brand evangelists and influencers out there and yet have no idea. There’s no way for you to thank or reward these loyal customers.
  • Remarketing engagement. The ability to know when your customer hasn’t ordered in 7 days so you can remind them of that and offer a coupon if they order within a week is important to drive consistent repeat business.

Once an operator realizes the value of owning customer data, what is their next move?

They can choose to go with an all-around solution, like SWIPEBY, that offers no-commission delivery, online ordering, and a virtual drive-thru. This alternative saves them money on delivery and ensures the operator owns their customer data. Plus – SWIPEBY has automated remarketing campaigns to drive repeat business and save time.

Capitalizing on the valuable asset of your customer data is easy. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more.

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