How a C-Store Can Offer Ultimate Convenience

So many convenience stores have a

Part A: A quick serve restaurant

and a

Part B: The traditional gas station with a convenience store

If a customer wants a sandwich from the restaurant they have to make one stop in Part A to order, pay, and pick up the sandwich. If they also want a cup of coffee and a lottery ticket, they have to go into a separate area of the store, Part B, to get the coffee and then wait in line for the ticket and then pay.

It’s a cumbersome process that may cost c-stores significant orders.

Imagine a new reality where a customer can pull up to the pump then scan a QR code, place their order for items from both Part A and Part B, and pay while they’re fueling up. Their order is brought out to them or they pull up and have it handed off curb-side, and off they go.

This same customer may want delivery. Now, they’d have two delivery orders and two delivery fees. In our new reality, there would be only one order and one delivery.

This is the SWIPEBY vision. We can bring Part A and Part B together in a way that is seamless for the customer and simple for the staff.

A recent study by Deliotte showed that consumers want Ultimate Convenience, Frictionless Digital Experiences, and Heightened Safety. This consumer demand is why we think the SWIPEBY vision for convenience stores will help some rise above the others and even take customers away from traditional quick-serve restaurants that don’t have the convenience store Part B.

We see a world where consumers demanding their sub sandwich, a Red Bull, and some Twizzlers all in one stop will be sated. If you do too, reach out, and we’ll show you how we can help your convenience store deliver Ultimate Convenience. 

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