What You Need For the Restaurant of the Future

Consumers want convenience, digital, and safety. 

We’re not surprised. Are you surprised? Didn’t think so.

Deloitte’s latest The Future of Restaurants Survey shows that consumers are continuing to want more of what they want when they want it and how they want it. That’s the new normal with or without yet another Covid variant.

Here’s the thing though, they want it more than ever and at a higher level.

They don’t just want convenience, they want Ultimate Convenience. 61% of consumers say they order takeout at least once a week. In order to survive, restaurants must have seamless curbside and affordable delivery that allows them to own customer data and have a strong online brand presence.

Having a website with a phone number isn’t enough because customers want a Frictionless Digital Experience. What does that look like? They can easily order on a restaurant website, via Google, or on Facebook or Instagram. 57% prefer to use a digital app, and 40% prefer to order from the restaurant’s website or app. Making it easy for them to order and choose curbside or delivery will keep them coming back for more. SWIPEBY data shows that curbside orders have a 10% higher reordering rate within 1-15 days after the first order was placed.

Finally they want Heightened Safety Prompted by Covid-19. 57% said they use contactless delivery at least half the time. The good thing is, your staff can benefit from off-premises orders. According to SWIPEBY data, tips on curbside orders are 2-7 times higher than tips for in store orders.

The results of this latest survey continue to support research done by many other industry experts. That’s why, at SWIPEBY, we’re working hard to bring solutions to small-to-medium restaurants so they can compete with the large chains.

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