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Why & How to Change to Online Ordering

Some restaurant owners are still taking orders by phone. Maybe you don’t want to lose the personal feel of greeting each customer when they call. Maybe you’re uncomfortable with technology. Heck, maybe you just don’t think you have time to weed through all of the possible solutions, pick one, and then implement it.

But here’s the thing, there is a ton of data out there letting us know that consumers want online ordering and spend more when they do.

When it comes to delivery, the ugly truth is that companies like UberEats and DoorDash are stealing your online customers by making your menu available through their apps. They get your customer data. They control your customer experience. They get the brand recognition instead of you.

What about staff and customer experience? You’ll lose the warm, fuzzy feeling if people order online, right? Consider what actually happens. The phone rings. Your staff has to scramble to grab it while taking in-person orders and collecting payment. They have to yell into the receiver, “What?” three times while they struggle to understand the speaker. Then there’s a paper ticket with handwriting that may not be legible flying around the kitchen. It’s just inefficient and frustrating, especially during the busiest hours. Plus 66% of your customers want easy ordering, and that doesn’t involve a phone call.

The good news is that setting up online ordering that offers pickup and delivery really isn’t that hard. SWIPEBY offers 24 hour setup, and some other options offer fairly quick set up too. For delivery, you can go with a separate system or have one integrated for no commission, no set up fees, and no contracts with SWIPEBY. You’ll want easy pick up integrated as well. You can learn about SWIPEBY’s solution here.

Online ordering will bring your brand to current customers and to people looking for a great place to order from. It will streamline your ordering placement and fulfillment process. You’ll get customer data and operations data that will benefit your restaurant in so many ways. You’ll be able to remarket to customers with specials and new menu items to encourage them to return. You’ll track the most popular and least popular menu items. It will help you with scheduling as you get a better grasp on your busiest times.

Now truly is the time to switch to online ordering. While it’s winter, people don’t want to get out of their cars or leave their homes. And then, here comes spring! People will thaw and break free from their warm winter homes to enjoy the sunshine. And, as they do, they’ll quickly order online from your restaurant to pick up a meal for their picnic, kid’s soccer match, or even coming home from the beach.

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