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Go Big with Off-Premise Experiences

If you offer online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery to your customers, then you’re right in line with consumer demand. That is terrific. You’re drawing new and repeat customers at a higher rate than your competitors who don’t.

Is this enough? 62% of U.S. online shoppers expect curbside pickup. Are you doing all you can with the technology that makes curbside possible? And, is your delivery method the best option for your business?

If you’re looking at off-premise orders as simply transactional, then the answer to those questions is no. You’ve got some opportunities to lower costs, improve efficiency, and take customer interactions to a new level.

Lower Costs

Third-party ordering and delivery fees can be so high, that there’s litigation about them. In some cases, restaurants were added to a third party delivery platform without them even being notified. The third party delivery company simply marked up menu items to make a profit taking control away from the operators.

The easiest solution to this is to take back control of your delivery experience. Offer online ordering with delivery through your website, social media pages, and Google accounts. Use technology that enables you to pay less for the service + control parameters such as what percentage of the fees are paid by customers and if you want to add a surcharge to cover staff tips.

Some SWIPEBY operators have offered deals to customers who order through their app or website instead of the third party app as a way to pull them away. It works because 77% of consumers prefer to order directly from you and not a third party delivery service.

Improve Efficiency

Instead of having three systems for ordering, curbside, and delivery, pull them all together under one platform. This makes it easier on your staff and your customers. You can also integrate all of them with your POS. (SWIPEBY is fully integrated with the Toast POS to make this a seamless experience.)

Interact with Customers

Your unified off-premise technology captures valuable customer data that you own. You can use this information for marketing opportunities to establish your brand to drive loyalty and promote specials.

When a customer opts for curbside, how and when you interact with them can create a lasting impression. You want it to be a good one so they become regular customers and recommend you to their friends and family. SWIPEBY operators use our geofencing technology to know when a customer is nearby and when they arrive. The operator can easily set automated customized messages letting the customer know where to park, the status of their order, and other key information. And, it’s all delivered in the friendly on-brand tone of the store.

Taking the idea of geofenced messaging further, an operator can market to customers beyond the off-premise experience. For instance, a customer who is in the area can receive a message that advertises a special on something they’ve ordered before. Consumers enjoy when a brand knows and understands what they like. Amazon has an entire business model built around the concept.

Online ordering, curbside, and delivery used to mean exceptional customer experience. Now they are a must-have for an operator to stay in business. The great news is that the technology that provides these services may come with features that an operator can use to the benefit of their business. We’d love to show you the valuable features that SWIPEBY offers that can help you capitalize on your off-premise orders.

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