Stay in their cars

People Don’t Want to Get Out of Their Cars

The turning point has happened. There’s no going back. People will choose more expensive and lower quality items if they can stay in their car.

You may have a local restaurant with burgers that are miles better than a fast food joint, but people aren’t lined up for them because it’s just easier to hit the drive-thru.

We’re seeing it with convenience stores too. People will get gas then wait in line to pay more at the Starbucks drive-thru. They’d be just as happy getting coffee from the c-store if it was brought out to them while they were filling their tank. Throw a newspaper and muffin in the bag too.

NPD findings show that carry-out is less popular, while consumers are embracing delivery and drive-thru.

That means, going forward, even small, local businesses and chains need to offer curbside in order to attract new and returning customers. Just offering delivery isn’t enough any more.

But here’s the thing, since you can have simple, quick-to-implement tech, it doesn’t make sense to lose customers to the large mega chains. Especially when those customers would much prefer to give you their business.

You can have those car-bound customers this weekend. Reach out, and we’ll show you how.

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