But You Still Need to Offer the Convenience of Off-Premise

With pandemic restrictions being lifted and the weather improving, dining in is coming back. An increase of in-store diners is causing some independent restaurant operators to ignore consumers that still want off-premise. But, smaller restaurants need to remember that many of their competitors – the mega chains – still offer the convenience of curbside and drive-thru. Consumers will choose convenience over quality. We see it in the lines of cars waiting in fast food drive-thru lanes.

People are out and active in the warmer months. It’s important for an independent restaurant to offer the same convenience to their on-the-go consumers that the mega chains do. In order to continuously build a relationship with consumers that will be loyal to them, they need to offer convenience along with a quality online ordering to-go menu year-round.

While SWIPEBY customers are seeing an increase in in-store diners, they are continuing to benefit from strong off-premise business. This helps them stay relevant and thriving no matter the season.

If you’re curious how SWIPEBY can give you a seamless curbside experience and no-commission delivery from a huge network of drivers plus other features that are proven to drive repeat business, reach out for a quick demo.

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