Delivery Doesn’t Have to be Painful

You already know, if you’re in the restaurant business, that you have to offer delivery. Third party delivery companies likely already put your restaurant on their app even if you didn’t know you were offering it. Or, you have a contract with one of them and are paying so much that you may be losing money.

You don’t have to be dependent on one driver network. You can lower delivery failure rates, own your online brand and customer data, and have better control over your guests’ off-premise experiences.

First, you can go piecemeal for your off-premise tech and bring on several solutions one of which could be a delivery aggregator. The downside is that many of these solutions are built for the mega-chains and are expensive and complicated for an independent restaurant operator to implement and use.

Or, you could also choose a more comprehensive off-premise solution like SWIPEBY that has access to a huge driver network and the tech that automatically finds the closest and cheapest driver available. Better for you. Better for your guests. We also have a self-delivery option that can be quickly turned off or on depending if you have your own driver available. We don’t charge you a commission, make you sign a contract, or pay an upfront fee. We just charge 99 cents per delivery and have a simple method for you to slide any or all of that fee over to the guest.

This approach means your guests are ordering online from a site that has your brand, not a company like DoorDash or Waitr. You get to keep the customer data (which SWIPEBY can help you use to drive return guests). Reach out if you want to hear more about how SWIPEBY can take the pain out of delivery.

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