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How Can We Save Independent Restaurants?

Independent restaurants, either single or multi-unit, are typically at a disadvantage to the mega chains. The big players have a large staff of experts in departments such as IT and marketing. They also have funding to help them survive through times of economic woes, supply chain disruptions, and staffing issues. The pandemic was no exception as smaller restaurants struggled or closed while the mega chains leaned on parent companies to keep them afloat.

So we are seeing less independent restaurants in our communities as the major chains sweep in with strategic and competitive advantages in areas like technology to support customer demand for convenience. Sadly this means our communities are becoming homogenized without the authentic culture and diverse choices that our neighborhood eateries offer.

Without an affordable, intuitive solution, we are at risk of losing the rich experiences independent restaurants bring to communities around the country. Unfortunately, the smaller businesses typically can’t or won’t embrace the technology needed to stay competitive.

Most community restaurants know they need technology. But knowing they need something or having a couple of band-aid fixes will not keep them in the running against the slick tech offered by the large chains.

SWIPEBY has learned that there a a few “must haves” that can help independent restaurants shift from being hesitant to implementing the tech they need to thrive. We know smaller players don’t have the time or desire to install, learn, and operate the kind of system a mega chain uses. That’s why we built a tech solution that has robust features and yet is still easy to use, flexible, and requires little to no training or maintenance.

Our mission is to help keep neighborhoods around the country from becoming a sea of cookie-cutter mega chains by giving independent restaurant owners what they need to thrive. Reach out if you’re curious what we have to offer. hello@swipe.by

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