How to Entice Guests to Return

Remarketing. You may have heard the term, but short of a vague definition from Google, how can you use it to bring back people who tried your restaurant?

Conceptually, it’s pretty simple.

  • Someone places an online order from your restaurant. You collect the guest’s information, including their email address.
  • If that guest doesn’t order from you within a certain timeframe, an email is triggered with an offer to lure them back.
  • If they still don’t return after a certain set amount of time, another email is automatically sent.
  • This happens a specific number of times until the guest either returns (at which point the whole process is reset), or they are taken out of the automatic email loop because enough time has passed to indicate they aren’t responding to the emails.

In a lot of cases, it works. People love a good offer. And, if you couple it with a loyalty/rewards program, they may even come back often enough to not get placed in the email cycle again.

A good thing is that many online ordering providers offer some form of remarketing in a sense that they will send bulk emails for you. Unfortunately, they also require you to do a ton of upfront and ongoing work. This may include uploading and refreshing your customer contact database, deciding what the emails should say and offers you should include, and monitoring it to see if it’s working.

That’s a lot of work for someone who is already super busy running a business no matter how much you truly want and need return guests. So, SWIPEBY designed our remarketing engine to be truly automatic from the minute a guest places an online order. You don’t need to upload or babysit any of your guest data or be an expert at crafting emails. We handle it all for you. Plus, we cover the offers. Wait. What? Yes, SWIPEBY sends emails with $ off of a certain order size, and we pay for the offer.

This article gives more specifics about how SWIPEBY Remarketing works. If you’d like to learn more about this feature and others, including our Loyalty Feature, reach out for a quick demo. We’d love to help you get those guests to return fast!

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