Delivery Without Losing Your Toque

It’s true that by depending on a 3rd party delivery app, your guests get a slick user experience.

But there are many downsides; an expensive price of up to 30% per order is a big one that may leave you losing money.

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There are others.

First – limited brand awareness for your restaurant. Instead of ordering on a site with your logo & colors, your customers see the 3rd party brand.

Next – they are a marketplace. When your customer logs in to place an order, they are often served up with specials and coupons from your competitors.

Finally – they keep your customer data. You don’t have the opportunity to build loyalty or engagement with your own customers.

Building your own delivery platform is costly and complex, so what are your options?

You could bring aboard a software solution like SWIPEBY that includes no commission delivery as one of its features. Our tech is set up so that you get access to a huge number of drivers from across national and local delivery companies.

There are also aggregator companies that supply delivery at a lower fee.

How Do You Get Customers to Order From You Instead of the 3rd Party App?

Promote it. Offer discounts for customers that order directly from you.

Spread the word on social media and through word-of-mouth of your regular customers.

Launch a loyalty program (SWIPEBY has one). A lot of the 3rd party delivery companies have loyalty programs, so yours can help lure customers away.

Limit favorite menu items so that they can only be ordered directly through your online menu.

Customers really do prefer to order directly through the restaurant, so by including delivery as an online ordering option, you’re giving them what they want – without losing your toque!

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