Person taking a picture of food

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In 1911, newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane uttered the idea that a picture can save 1,000 words at a time when Instagram wasn’t even within the realm of possibilities. Now that the average attention span is 8.25 seconds, restaurant operators need to capture the interest of potential eaters lightning fast. A user-friendly menu with high-quality images can increase ordering rates by 35%.

But many operators don’t have the time or money. That’s why we thought introducing AI generated images would be a huge help. While we do have customers with set-in-stone menus that never change, the majority have fluctuating menu items based on ingredient cost, seasons, and other impacts. About 80% of restaurants using SWIPEBY don’t have menus populated with images.

Restaurants with set menus typically invest in a photography session that takes a ton of time and expense. They must prepare all their dishes to look perfect when they can lock in a professional food photographer to capture images that can be used on their website, marketing materials, and menus. Because their menu rarely changes, the images are long-lasting, and operators feel it’s worth the investment.

For owners of restaurants with changing menus, SWIPEBY Snapshot gives operators the ability to create AI generated images based on their menu description. They can get very specific, very quickly. They can generate an image for a “Chicken Philly sub with roasted peppers and mushrooms” or add “on a wood board with a brick background.” Because Snapshot is integrated into the SWIPEBY platform, images for online and printed menus, websites, and marketing materials can be updated with fresh images as needed in seconds.

The power of AI integrated into our platform helps make the lives of independent restaurant owners easier by providing enticing images that quickly communicate menu items to the consumer without a lengthy description. A picture is worth 35% more online orders? Maybe it isn’t quite as catchy, but those additional sales are definitely appetizing to a restaurant owner.

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