Are You Giving Away Your Most Valuable Asset: Customer Data?

Many operators understand the pros and cons regarding price when they choose to contract with a 3rd party delivery company such as Uber Eats or Postmates. They have accepted that their customers expect the convenience that comes with online ordering and having pretty much anything delivered to their doors. They have grimaced through paying or passing along high commissions as a necessary evil. But do they truly grasp that they are giving away a valuable asset to the 3rd party delivery company? When a customer orders from your business via a 3rd party delivery service, it’s the service that collects

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How to Have the Tech You Need for Off-Premise Dining

Restaurant operators are constantly hearing they need a curbside pick-up option for their customers, and delivery is also crucial.  To support this, operators say they want new tech, with a lot of the desired solutions helping to increase off-premises business. A whopping 49% of operators said they think tech is a major advantage. Where do you start? Some things you can do to have the tech you want for revenue increases and customer loyalty are: Have an online ordering solution & use it to your best advantage. Have someone take a look at your business to evaluate the best approach

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Doing the Math Brings Some Surprises

There has been a lot of news lately around third-party on-demand delivery. They are convenient, but that convenience comes with a cost to both the consumer and the restaurant.  Let’s take a look at the consumer cost. A NY Times article recently reported restaurants using third-party delivery increased prices through these aggregators anywhere from 7% to 91% per item. SWIPEBY undercover shoppers* used the UBEREATS app to price a sandwich at a South Florida suburban Firehouse Subs versus on the same location in-store menu.  Our shoppers priced the Honey Ham Large online through UBEREATS for $14.15. The in-store price for

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Best ways to prepare for holiday off-premise sales.

Gobble up sales this Thanksgiving with these great off-premise and on-premise tips!

Like many things in the year of 2020, Thanksgiving is going to look drastically different from years past. Record high levels of COVID cases have prompted health experts to encourage families to embrace smaller, more intimate celebrations this year with just their immediate families and advise against going out for Thanksgiving dinner. However, this does not change the fact that there are many Americans who simply surrender themselves to the daunting task of shopping for and cooking a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Further, those who have prepared Thanksgiving dinners in the past likely had upwards of 5-15 people to serve and

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5 Ways to “Winterize” Restaurant Operations in the Midst of COVID

Winter is coming – Here are five innovative and safe solutions for off-premise service this winter. November 2, 2020   Outdoor dining has become a defining aspect of “the new normal” when it comes to dining out. However, as temperatures drop and the days get shorter and shorter, operators will need to get creative and think outside of the box when it comes to providing on-premise dining. We’re here to help you navigate the coming months by offering five innovative and safe solutions and additions to your current operation:   Increase happy hour offerings: While it is very likely that

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Leveraging Customer Data To Optimize Your Business

It’s no secret that online ordering solutions were revolutionizing the restaurant industry pre COVID-19, with record high delivery and takeout numbers. Now, in the midst of COVID, it is absolutely essential to offer some sort of digital ordering capability to your customers, whether that be through delivery, pickup, or curbside. Not only does the convenience of digital ordering increase sales and frequency of orders, but it gives you important insights into the ordering habits and preferences of your customers, which is perhaps the biggest asset to your business of all. Why, you might ask? Well, let’s get into it.

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Five tips to help your restaurant survive the coronavirus

While it’s foolhardy to predict how coronavirus will spread right now, you can begin to think about the steps you can take to keep your sales healthy.  Top five ways to keep your restaurant sales healthy. Off-premise needs to be turned on. Curbside pickup can help you serve your loyal customer base while also allowing you to keep control over the takeout experience. Delivery is another good off-premise option but comes at a higher cost to you and the customer.  Stay active on social media. Keep your restaurant top of mind by sharing creative content on your social media feeds.

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