Our mission is to make
off-premise accessible & fun

SWIPEBY is a technology platform that empowers businesses

to drive off-premise sales and connect with customers.


We focus on making everything we do accessible & fun: turnkey, simple, low cost & easy to use!

Off-premise is still only for the few. We are changing that.

Ecommerce and off-premise solutions are in high demand and businesses are trying to keep up, but the current system is broken.

Restaurants and other business with physical store fronts are being exploited by antiquated and clunky software platforms, encumbered by inexperienced “consultants and their quick-fix solutions, and sabotaged by outrageous revenues shares from highly funded and monopolized delivery companies. On the consumer side current off-premise solutions charge onerous fees for suspect service. The costs are prohibitive and can limit accessibility.

Our mission is to change this. Our scalable technology and automation of curbside service will empower more businesses and consumers to successfully participate in an off-premise experience that is accessible and affordable.

Now that is fun! Join us! 

Curbside love

A strong foundation to
power off-premise

SWIPEBY uses the power of one platform to enable businesses 

to sell more, more efficiently.

SWIPEBY uses the power of one platform to enable businesses to sell more, more efficiently.

Ordering Apps

On top of our platform are the user facing applications enabling a smooth ordering experience for via mobile apps with geo-technology for curbside pickup and web apps for website, kiosk and table ordering.


SWIPEBY Platform

This is our core. The platform handles everything from menu & order management to order throttling.


SWIPEBY is entirely cloud-based, providing scalability, reliability, and security.

Fun experiences powered by technology

Technology is useless if it is hard to use.

Simple and beautiful user experiences

In everything we do, we ask the question is this fun to use? Business owners care about every detail in their physical store. We take the same approach as we build the technology, every detail matters, to ensure the end experience is efficient and fun.

We work with operators & staff

The foundation of our technology and the experience it offers is grounded in the feedback and insights shared by our partners, business owners, operators and restaurant staff. We are constantly improving the service based on the insights offered allowing us to focus on the issues and experiences that truly matter and have a lasting impact.

We are our own users

Team SWIPEBY believes in the service and uses it as paying customers everyday. We love testing, improving, and enjoying the great experience as we gain insights on what is working and how we can make it better. Most teach platforms don't have this luxury, as they are too enterprise, but we have the advantage of access and passion on our side.

Easy mobile and web ordering for curbside pickup with SWIPEBY. Geo-fenced arrival notifications.

We are a tool for merchants. NOT vice versa.

We are strive to be as merchant-friendly, transparent and a true partner as they grown their business.

Fair & transparent pricing

SWIPEBY has one of the lowest and most transparent fee structures in the industry. We are always optimizing to keep the cost for our merchants as low as possible while providing world class technology and infrastructure.

Simple & turnkey solutions

SWIPEBY is turnkey, eliminating the need for technology expertise or heavy investments for integration or implementation.

The Curbside Fund

SWIPEBY gives customers the option to contribute to the curbside fund with each order they place. We use the proceeds to help our partners be more successful with off-premise and invest in things like hardware and advertising. Learn more

SWIPEBY is headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and we serve merchants across the US.


The Team:

Carl Turner Founder of SWIPEBY

Carl Turner

Car[l]side Service
Steven Breidenbaugh Head of customer success

Steven Breidenbaugh

$$$ in community keeper
Corey Paul Head of Sales

Corey Paul

Hard Sell[z]er
Logan Harvey

Logan Harvey

Nathan Pieratt Head of Marketing

Nathan Pieratt

The DudeLer
Tremayne Blair

Tremayne Blair

THE swipenugget

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Restaurants are struggling due to COVID-19. We are committed to helping them survive this season and beyond.

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