The Curbside Fund

Helping restaurants with digital transformation…

…while being free to eaters and merchant friendly.

SWIPEBY exists to change the way takeout is done. Change is needed because the relationship between 3rd party services and restaurants is broken. These services are charging crazy high fees, like 30%+ per transaction or they require onerous yearly contracts and burdensome high-cost technology investments. These same 3rd party apps and ordering platforms are hitting guests/app users with hidden costs and onerous fees as well. SWIPEBY offers a better solution, one that is pro-restaurant because our mission to help restaurants thrive. Here is the proof.

SWIPEBY charges restaurants a single 4.5% + $0.45 payment processing fee and we charge the guest nothing.

Restaurants make more money per transaction with SWIPEBY and guests avoid onerous fees. It’s that simple.

Help restaurants thrive with the SWIPEBY Curbside Fund.

This is how it works. At checkout there is an option to give to the Curbside Fund. This is 6.5% of the subtotal. For those guests ordering family meals or just a ton of taco’s, don’t worry, the amount will never exceed $3.50. It always be 6.5% or $3.50, whichever is lower. Participating in the fund is 100% voluntary.


What does the fund support? Great question!


All proceeds of the Curbside Fund are invested back into restaurants.


  • Free/Subsidized marketing services to help restaurants master social media

  • Free/Subsidized infrastructure, like in-store tablets

  • Free/Subsidized Restaurant marketing on Google, Facebook and Instagram

  • Free/Subsidized Curbside Pickup infrastructure like curbside pickup parking signs


These resources provide much needed support as restaurants embrace digital transformation to meet the changing demands of guests.