SWIPEBY Express provides merchants an easy turnkey mobile and online ordering platform with a powerful geo-fenced arrival notification feature, providing staff and customers a seemless curbside pickup experience.

SWIPEBY Express brings the “Express Self-Checkout” into the 21st Century.

Drive-thru Anything Anywhere

Capture the super fast growing, high volume small ticket size market.

Our drive-thru anything/anywhere turnkey tech platform is your best-in-class curbside solution to meet the growing demand for real-time pickup, increase profits, and provide a superior customer experience.

Mobile orders/Fast Pickup 

Consumers can order and pay for a maximum of 10 Unique SKU’s items on the in-app merchant store, powered by SWIPEBY Express.


The power of geo-fence arrival

SWIPEBY Express can have the final hand-off completed in 3 minutes, offering the fastest, most convenient pickup ordering experience for commuters and on-the-go consumers in the industry.

Turnkey operations

  • The order (10 Unique SKU’s items max) is printed on a ticket. 
  • Staff uses the printed ticket to find and pack items.
  • The SWIPEBY tablet flashes and rings to notify staff which customer has arrived

Why SWIPEBY Express?

Current pickup solutions can be too slow, costly, and require large order sizes. 


On-demand curbside can take 2- 4hrs or even be next day slow and they can require large ‘minimum order’ sizes.


On-demand delivery adds high revenue shares and cost to consumers via fees while still carrying wait times over 2 hours.


Solutions like goPuff and DD DashMart long term plan is to cut out retailers entirely with offsite warehousing and ghost 



Home Grown Mobile and Web ordering platforms are expensive to build and cumbersome to the end-users.

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