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Your favorite restaurant just got a drive-thru

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Swipe Through a Local Visual Menu

On SWIPEBY you’ll see pictures of the food before you order it. Simply swipe right on what you like!

Already know what you want? No problem! Just tap the restaurant icon to select a nearby restaurant + view their entire menu.


Filter & Explore

Use extensive filters to condense your results. Vegan? Vegetarian? We’ve got you.

Just craving dessert? We’ve got that too.


Customize Your Order

Find the perfect item? Great, now you can add sides, select add-ons, and remove what you don’t like. With SWIPEBY, you can fully customize your order.

All orders are saved in your history. With a simple tap, you can easily re-order anything you have purchased or customized in the past.


Curbside Pick-Up

Select ‘curbside’ at check-out and once you arrive at the restaurant, your food will be delivered to your car window when you park in front of a SWIPEBY parking sign.

With SWIPEBY, your favorite restaurants become a virtual drive-thru.