We are so excited you have joined us
on our SWIPEBY journey!

We are proud to be a truly merchant friendly food ordering platform. Democratizing what it means to do off-premise business for merchants and at the same time improving the pick-up experience for consumers.


With our crowd funding campaign, we were able to also play small role in the democratization of startup investing. We are thankful you believe in our mission and we can’t wait to grow and change the industry together.

We have created a special investors restaurant referral program! Together we will be the strongest!

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Know a restaurant owner, have a favorite place you love to get takeout from or know a business that really needs automated curbside? 


Just let us know the information and once they get their first order via SWIPEBY, we will give credit $50 into your SWIPEBY account as a thank you. You can use that credit at any restaurant on SWIPEBY.

*SWIPEBY reserves the right to change, end, or pause, in whole or in part, any referral program, as well as any referrer/inviter’s or referee/invitee’s ability to participate in any referral program or receive Referral Rewards at any time for any reason, including suspected fraud (including by either the referrer and/or referee/invitee), abuse, or any violation of these Rules. If SWIPEBT ends any referral program, any unused or unredeemed Referral Rewards may be forfeited at that time, provided we give you 14 days of notice to use or redeem your Referral Rewards. To participate you need to be a investor in SWIPEBY’s Republic.co crowd funding campaign. A referral only counts if specific decision account decision maker is shared. Just sharing a name and address of a restaurant doesn’t qualify as a referral.

SWIPEBY may update these Rules at any time. If SWIPEBT makes an update, SWIPEBY will post the update on the swipe.by website and applications and provide you notice of the update. Continued participation in any referral program after any update will mean that you have agreed to the update.

The credit received for referring a restaurant expires after 6 month.

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