The resources below will ensure your have a smooth transition on to the SWIPEBY platform.

SWIPEBY Tutorials

Welcome to SWIPEBY. We are excited to be partnering with you. The two videos below will walk you through the sign-up, Stripe connection, and menu set-up process. Combined these tutorials will take about 30 min of your time. Once you are done you will be on the platform and ready to serve your customers. Use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us with any questions or concerns.

The signup process

A short 4 min tutorial on how to sign-up with SWIPEBY and then connect your account to STRIPE.

Merchant portal

Welcome to the SWIPEBY platform tutorial. We walk you through the menu creation and set-up process.

0:57 – Intro / Login

0:58 – Menu Creation

3:14 – Discounts

4:13 – Menu Categories (important)

8:19 – Menu Customization (important)

Order taking

A short overview of the SWIPEBY platform and how order taking looks on the restaurant tablet.

$1 off coupons for restaurants to share with their customers

Promote your curbside pickup, so simple:

SWIPEBY is your partner and we are excited to have you on-board! We are committed to your success and ready to help you to be successful and increase loyal happy customers.

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