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Your favorite restaurant just got a drive-thru

Increase Customer Loyalty & reach new customers 


Now you can compete with large chains

Many customers use a drive-thru for convenience more than anything.

No need to unbuckle the kids, end that conference call or go out in PJs.

With SWIPEBY, your restaurant can now provide the same convenience to current customers while attracting new customers and increasing loyalty.


30% increase in orders

Restaurants providing curbside pick-up have seen a 30% increase in orders.


Less Staff & More Tips

Our automated technology eliminates the time you spend talking orders, collecting payments, and looking for customers. It also reduces errors and exceeds customer expectation.

Additional value from curbside pick-up increases tips for your staff.


Easy to use Technology & customer service

Our technology is easy to set up and intuitive to use.

We are always here to help you succeed.


Increase revenue by gaining access to new audiences

On SWIPEBY, users explore your dishes visually, swipe by swipe. This allows you to increase your revenue by gaining access to new audiences.

It’s so simple:

  1. Customers Order Online after looking at visuals


2. Restaurants Receive orders via a SWIPEBY provided tablet


3. Restaurants receive an Automated notification upon customer arrival


1) Sign-up online.

Submit our online sign-up form with your contact and store information.

2) We’ll contact you

A SWIPEBY team member will reach out to answer any remaining question you may have and help you finish the sign-up process. We’ll upload your menu.

3) Offer SWIPEBY convenience

We’ll send you a tablet and a parking sign. Once you have them set up, you’ll be ready to receive orders.

Join the future of convenience

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