Now that you have SWIPEBY - let's keep the kitchen busy.

As your guests engage with you across many different channels and you can capitalize on that traffic by turning engagement into sales! 

Make it easy for guests to order from your website. Add a custom order online page link to your main website navigation and add a more dominate “Order Online” button on your main page. Alternatively, you can also use our website plug-in, to create fully immersive ordering experience on your website. To get the “code snipped” for the plugin, please contact our support here.

To access your custom restaurant order link go to “Manage Store” on the Merchant Page.

Facebook is a great way to interact with your guests and by adding a “Call to Action” button they can begin their order from FB!  Use the instructions here to set-up your button.


When people search your restaurant Google will share your “Google Business” profile on maps or in search. Make sure to link to your ordering page to turn that virtual visits into sales. Please see instructions here.

By default your restaurant will be listed on the SWIPEBY app. You don’t need to do anything and we will run promotions and marketing campaigns at no cost to you.

Guests are happy when life is easy. Make sure to tell them about easy curbside pickup.

You are offering cutting-edge and very convenient curbside pickup, so you need to talk about! Blow up your social media feeds, put out signage, shout it from the room tops. We have created a range of social media templates to help you do this. You choose from ready-to-post graphics or more general templates so you can add your own touch and brand.


See below some options to post and be sure to reach out to us if you have custom needs or need help. Contact support here.



Check out the SWIPEBY merchant shop for more marketing & print material.