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We exist to make eating healthy taste as amazing as it is for your body. 

At Village Juice Company, the wellbeing and safety of our guests and employees has always been our top priority (and we also love delicious, healthy food!). Consistently exceeding local health and safety standards has always been a critical part of our corporate strategy, and we firmly believe additional safety measures are appropriate to help everyone stay healthy during this time of heightened concern.

For Village Juice Company to confidently increase its operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, we believed it was important to prepare a transparent plan to guide our operations, to educate our employees on the new procedures and increase the likelihood that we are protective of public health.

We also believe that it is important to be transparent with our customers so that they can review our efforts and make a decision for themselves.   

This playbook is intended to help achieve these goals and implement real changes that increase the chances of creating a safe and sanitary environment to instill confidence in our staff and guests. The health and safety of “Our Village” are top priorities at Village Juice Company – today and every day.  

Click to read our playbook here.

The VJCo Team