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Drive-thru anywhere!

SWIPEBY turnkey curbside pickup platform turns any restaurant or merchant into a drive-thru  Now you can offer your staff and guests a smooth, contactless curbside pickup experience with geo-fenced arrival notifications. 

Mobile ordering with SWIPEBY

SWIPEBY is your turnkey curbside pickup platform, offering convenient online ordering and geo-fenced arrival notifications so your guests and staff have an excellent off-premise experience. Checkout the key features below:


Our mission is to provide the best technology platform for curbside pickup and takeout. Therefore, we have built a customer-facing app and robust turnkey curbside pickup platform that offers an entire suite of features, including geo-fenced arrival notifications, a powerful sales dashboard, an exceptional menu customization experience for our partners…and much more.

Using the power of location for an amazing curbside experience

Location technology and geo-fencing customer arrival empower your business to offer a first class automated curbside pickup experience for your guests and staff. In other words, with SWIPEBY you completely control the entire off-premise experience, including final hand-off.

The best of two worlds

Say goodbye to expensive revenue share marketplace systems and pricey monthly website solutions as you serve your off-premise guests because SWIPEBY’s platform powers easy online, mobile, and web ordering and it brings visibility to your business through the SWIPEBY user app, at NO extra cost.

Functional & Beautiful 


We built an easy-to-use, customizable and affordable web ordering solution with your business and your guests in mind because most web ordering tools are clunky to use and charge onerous monthly fees and high credit card fees. There is a better way.


They are your customers!


As a true partner SWIPEBY gives you access to insightful analytics and dashboards to increase revenue and learn from insights because it’s your customer data, not ours.

Want to market your business? No problem & no extra cost!


The days of using platforms that charge you extra to talk to YOUR customers have come to an end because with SWIPEBY you can create coupons, timed & automated promotions and discounts. We team up with you to market them via email & push. Yes, this is included at no extra cost.

The SWIPEBY experience customized for your brand

Multi-unit locations can use the SWIPEBY platform under their own label, branding and colors, making it easy to download for guests from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store keeps

The power of location & the only platform you will need.

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Curbside Pickup powered by SWIPEBY

No crazy

Partner with us and gain access to your complete ordering platform with simple, pay-as-you-go pricing.

1.8% + 18¢

per successful transaction.

*credit card fees of 2.8% + $0.25 apply.

Built & designed together

SWIPEBY is designed and built with input from operators & staff, therefore every update we do is "industry approved".

Technology & design expertise

We build the technology to make your business future proof and we build it with the user experience in mind. Truly great technology is easy to use and customer loyalty is driven by convenience.

An ambitious start-up that cares

We know that a healthy partnership with operators will drive our success and theirs, because together we can change the industry.

Fast improving platform

We release new features and improvements every week to stay ahead of industry shifts.

Merchant first & an exceptional guest experience.

Did you know?

Restaurants add up to $2,000 in daily sales through the SWIPEBY platform.
You can be live on SWIPEBY in 24h or less.
Your customers will come more often. Up to 35% will order again 0-5 days after their first order.
Curbside Pickup powered by SWIEPBY
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