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Your favorite restaurant just got a drive-thru

SWIPEBY Your Favorite Restaurants

Order and explore delicious dishes visually … just swipe!

With automated curbside pick-up, your favorite restaurant becomes a drive-thru.


Order With a Swipe

There’s nothing better than a good meal…

…the decadent flavors, mouth-watering aromas and irresistible sensations are impossible to ignore.

Unfortunately, restaurant menus often lack even the slightest hint of what their food has to offer.

SWIPEBY has changed that by allowing you to explore an entirely visual menu and place an order with a swipe.

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Your favorite restaurant just got a “drive-thru”

SWIPEBY's curbside pick-up option enables local restaurants to offer the same conveniences as the larger restaurant chains.

Here is how it works…

Once you place an order, select 'curbside' at check-out. Once you arrive at the restaurant, park in a SWIPEBY branded parking spot and a waiter will bring your order to you.

No need to unbuckle or leave the car, SWIPEBY is that convenient.